Good days will come

The Corona virus is already here. What can YOU do about it?

These are a few facts we should all know

Fact #1: For most viral infections like today’s coronavirus, modern medical treatments can only help with symptoms while you wait for your immune system to fight off the virus!

Fact #2: Face masks do not really protect us from catching the virus

Fact #3: The best way to fight viruses is to strengthen your body's immune system

Fact #4: It is YOUR duty to protect your health and the health of your family

Fact #5: Exposure to air and water pollution, mobile phone radiation, pesticides, stress, medicines,  chemicals and the depletion of essential nutrients in our soil cause free radicals which weaken our body's immune system

Fact #6: The natural way to boost our body's immune system is by the daily consumption of a large quantity of organic fruits and vegetables which contain a spectrum of vitamins and minerals and the right supply of anti oxidants for our bodies. For us in the modern world, this is a Mission Impossible!

Fact #7:

There is a natural solution

Solution #1: A nutritional supplement with extracts from 34 of the world's best known, powerful and effective anti oxidant containing plants

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Fact #8: There is a powerful solution

Solution #2: Vinali is a powerful, anti oxidative nutritional supplement which contains grape seed extract and Vitamin C. This all natural product has been scientifically proven to boost our body's immune and metabolic systems and to fight free radicals

Dr. Ray Strand, world famous expert in nutritional and preventative medicine and Chief Medical Officer at Ariix, speaks about Vinali

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Dr. Ray Strand, ARIIX research and development team leader

A world-renowned physician and scientist, best-selling author of "What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You" and an international lecturer in nutritional medicine.

Dr. Strand served as a family physician for 23 years and was the owner of a very successful private clinic in California ...

The turning point in his professional life was when his wife had a severe autoimmune disease and all the wonders of modern medicine failed to help her recover. After trying everything, he felt he had no choice but to agree to experiment with quality nutritional supplements, which eventually helped his wife's recovery. This event led Dr. Strand to spend many years researching the world of nutritional medicine, and today he is one of the world's leaders in the field.

"Our bodies do have a natural protection system for free radicals. However, because of the challenges of the modern age, our bodies do not produce enough antioxidants so it is essential that the rest come from good food and quality nutritional supplements" the more antioxidants our body has, the more efficient our system becomes. The goal is to have an abundant supply of antioxidants, so that they are available for our bodies at all times and to help against any challenge that comes up "/ Dr. Strand

Dr. Strand serves as chief scientist for ARIIX. He explains that he chose to work with this unique company because of its extraordinary commitment to create the highest quality nutritional supplements as well as bring the gospel of natural health and wellness to as many people as possible worldwide. ARIIX promotes innovations in research and development in the field of nutritional medicine.

Dr Ray Strand graduated from the University of Colorado in 1971, and specialized in family medicine at Mercy Hospital in San Diego, California.

In 1995, after his wife's recovery, he began to specialize in nutritional medicine and quickly became one of the world's leading authorities in the field. Dr. Strand relies on more than 1,300 clinical studies published in well-known medical journals and emphasizes in his books the critical role of quality nutritional supplements for: slowing down the body's aging process, improving the immune system, improving the circulatory systems, improving brain function, and overcoming a variety of diseases.

More Amazing ARIIX Products

Optimal V + Optimal M

Featuring a comprehensive spectrum of high-potency vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and micronutrients, Optimal-V helps to correct nutrient deficiencies and promote whole-body health and wellness. Optimal-M contains a broad spectrum of vital minerals, trace elements, enzymes and superfood micronutrients, and is what your body needs to build and maintain a strong foundation. All-natural and easily digestible, Optimal-M is scientifically formulated to support bone, nerve and muscle health while contributing to optimal cellular function.

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Magnical D

Delivering bioavailable forms of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 for calcium absorption, and vitamin K2 for nutrient absorption, Magnical-D is your source for maintaining strong, healthy bones. This exclusive mineral and vitamin blend delivers critical bone-health nutrients in a single, convenient formula.

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Biopro Q

Biopro-Q is a dynamic fusion of Ubiquinol, the most potent form of CoQ10, and BioPerine®, a patented black pepper extract that enhances bioavailability for optimal nutrient absorption. This powerful duo helps boost youthful cellular energy production by acting like a spark plug that ignites energy generation within the cells.

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Slenderiiz is the only healthy and natural weight management system of its kind and shows improved results over diet and exercise alone. To help expedite weight loss while maintaining proper levels of nutrition, the scientifically advanced Slenderiiz products assist in controlling appetite, aiding digestion, and increasing metabolism to help maximize your efforts. The Slenderiiz Program is the simple and effective tool for successful fat reduction that promotes weight loss and decreases the odds of problematic rebound weight gain

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Rejuveniix provides a natural energy without the jitters. Featuring a signature blend of green coffee bean extract, L-theanine, and a superfruit complex of acai berry, mangosteen, goji berry, maqui berry, Hawaiian noni and sea buckthorn, Rejuveniix naturally sharpens focus, elevates mood, promotes energy and enhances mental alertness.

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ARIIX's Quality Commitment: Ariix is committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality products that meet advanced production standards and are backed by scientific research.

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